Whizzard Helicopters

We are a small helicopter company and offer pleasure flights at different locations around north and mid Wales, Manchester and Bolton areas.

One of our flights flies over Bolton and the Macron Stadium, it’s a very popular tour.

Our Bolton flights leave form City airport Barton and are approx 15 mins long, they are £79 per person. If your members would like to enter the code lancwhites at the check out they can then enjoy a 15% discount, not only on our Bolton tours but all our flights. We will then send them a voucher to use, they just have to give us a call to book the day and time.

We operate these flights once a month from March until October at weekends, we try and do alternative Saturdays and Sundays but can't always guarantee there will be a match on, although I'm sure your members would rather be on the ground at this time watching the match than flying over it.

The dates for next year will be on our website just after Christmas hopefully. We are in the process of updating our website but these codes will still be valid for the new site, hopefully it will incorporate an online booking system as well.

Hope this helps and look forward to meeting your members next year!

Kind regards
Pat Agnew

Whizzard Helicopters
Mid Wales Airport Welshpool Powys SY21 8SG
01938 555860 07703 532064
AOC No 2284 FTO No 905

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