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Player Evening - Gary Madine and Ben Alnwick

Over 60 Lancaster Whites attended the Function Room at The Boot and Shoe to give a warm Lancaster welcome to to the 2 players who had braved their way up the accident strewn M6 to visit.  #

The players were very ably introduced by two of our new crop of youngsters, Isabelle and Hughie and then the players answered various questions from the assembled supporters, showing humour, honesty and insight into their lives and the club.  The mid session break gave a chance for all the individual photos and signings before a few more questions and the final group photograph was taken. 

All too soon we were saying goodbye to them, complete with presentations from Kay Hopkins and Joshua.  After drawing the Lifeline and Raffle for the night, congratulations to the winners, it was time for the final chats and goodbyes of the membership after another enjoyable event.

This short report would not be complete without the club expressing it's most heartfelt thanks to the club for this opportunity, the players for attending and lastly, but definitely not leastly, to the young lady from the club who organised this and accompanied the players on a dark autumn night to north Lancashire.

Formal Dinner 2015

An interesting change to the normal date for this event allowed the membership to take in the stunning views and sunset over Morecambe Bay, rather than just looking at the spread of street lights below us.  The Gateway house at the University of Cumbria again playing host to a well washed and attired Lancaster Whites membership.  As usual, the food, drink and service afforded by the venue was excellent.

For the first time in a while our guest of honour was the BWFC Manager himself, ably assisted by the BWFC Communications office.  Neil Lennon showed himself to be very approachable, handling the duties of toasts, a Question and Answer session, the photo call and drawing of the Raffle amiably and honestly.  The Committee would like to thank him once more for making his way up the M6 to be with us, during what must be a busy pre-season.

Special mention must be made to those who helped put on the event and those who played their part during the evening, Steve Horrocks, John Powell, Bob Anderson, Jon Holden, Becky Holden, Mark Salkeld and Bill Jay are names that leap to mind for thanks in this respect.

A photo of the motley crew that attended can be found on the Official BWFC Twitter and Website.

Player Evening - Stuart Holden
A crowd of over 80 eagerly awaited Stuart's arrival at The Bowling Green.  It soon became obvious that the evening was to be all that they hoped for. 
Stuart was welcomed to the venue by George Richmond, who handled his duties with all the aplomb we have come to expect from someone with his now considerable experience! Then to the main event and Stuart proved to be a witty and humorous speaker, handling the vast variety of questions posed to him with ease. 
The same qualities were proved again as he adroitly accommodated all the requests for autographs and photographs during the break,  before helping with the various club raffles and draws.  A few more questions and it was soon time to make our reluctant goodbyes and thank yous.  The club committee decided to present Stuart with the evening's raffle takings, as a donation to his Holden's Heroes charity, the contributaion a thank you for his efforts as well as the small gifts from the Lancaster Whites that were made to him and Jenny, who organised this evening on behalf of BWFC.
The committee would like to thank all who attended for the wonderful turn out, as well as repeating our most heartfelt thanks to Stuart for making the effort to come up the M6 to this outpost of Wanderer's fandom, and to Jenny for her much appreciated efforts that allowed such an enjoyable evening to take place.
Formal Dinner 2011
A clear night and the vista of Lancaster and Morecambe's lights beneath us greeted the participants at this years Formal Dinner, the fourth annual event.  The Gateway Building at the University of Cumbria soon alive with the buzz of conversation and clinking of glasses.  The participants showing that , for at least one night a year, the Lancaster Branch of Bolton Wanderers Supporters Association scrubs up quite well!
All too soon we were being ushered to our tables for Dinner, Grace was again offered by Jon Holden, before the tireless efforts of the waiting staff kept us supplied with the fare for the evening. 
The formal part to the evening started after coffee, Bill Jay slipping into the role of compere as our Chairman, Steve Horrocks, provided the opening comments. Warren Mason and Dave Jenner providing a more sombre moment as they related their memories of the late Nat Lofthouse, before offering a memorial toast to the great man.   
Our guests for the evening then took centre stage, Tony Kelly offering a few words and an introduction to David Lee who kindly answered a barrage of questions from the interested diners.  David then took center stage of the proceedings through the various raffles and draws, handling them all with aplomb, the Committee would like to thank David for his tireless efforts on the night, the way he passed around the tables reminding many of the speed and grace with which he used to bless the Wanderer's right wing!
Many thanks to those who entered the various raffles and fund raising activities, and to all those involved in organising the evening. 
A final note, the 100% record is still intact,  the SuperWhites won the game this weekend, 2-0 vs Everton, even if the game was played after the dinner!
Player Evening - "Super" Kevin Davies
A buzzing, full, room at the Boot and Shoe welcomed our BWFC club captain to Lancaster, a lot of new and old faces congregated to see Kevin Davies and ask him questions that ranged from silly to serious to downright risky.  After his recent run in with the authorities, did someone really ask him his opinion of referees! 
After a formal welcome, excellently delivered in his own inimicable style by George Richmond,  Jon Holden opened the floor to the members, Kevin answering all the inquisitive queries with honesty, humour and most of all, tact!
Then the highlight of the evening for many of those in attendance, a chance to get pictures, shirts and just about anything else autographed and a picture taken with the man himself. 
A few more questions to follow and then some official business, Kevin drew the raffle winner for the signed Owen Coyle shirt, congratulations to the Richmonds on winning this.  A special treat then as the fan of the year, Alex Taylor, received his trophy, no passing on from previous winner this year! Instead he received it from the man who's shirt Alex had been lucky enough to catch after that stupendous finale to the away match at Stoke.
All too soon, Kevin was slipping out of the door, heading back to the A6, leaving us to reflect on another successful Lancaster White's evening.  Our club thanks must go to Kevin for making the effort to be with us and to Jenny from BWFC for her role in organising this.  Finally, I think the club's members must thank our chairman, Steve Horrocks, for his persistence in making this evening happen.
Formal Dinner 2010:
The Third Annual Formal Dinner, in the 13th year of the Lancaster White's existence.  The Gateway Building at the University of Cumbria provided the surroundings for another wonderful evening, the lights of the Lancaster area twinkling beneath us on their way over to Morecambe Bay.  The mood happy and relaxed after 3 points gained against Wolverhampton Wanderers, it was noted that we always seem to win on these occasions, perhaps we should get the club to sponsor another 18 Formal Dinners a season?  We would soon be back in European competition!
After the initial mingling of arriving guests and the charging of various glasses, seats were taken and John Holden said Grace for the excellent fare we were about to receive.  Thanks must go to Johno Powell for all his organisational efforts in preparing this evening again this year.  Whether the same could be said for his table quiz is another matter! 
As the dessert plates were cleared away and final answers scrawled on the quiz, John Holden offered thanks for what we had received.  The more official business followed, John Powell offering up the Loyal Toast.  Our guest, Mark Alderton, Head of BWFC Communications responding with a few words and the toast to the Lancaster Whites, we would like to thank Mark for his time and efforts in being with us for this evening.  Dave Jenner responded to this with a few words of his own on the trials and tribulations of away game travel with the Lancaster Whites, before proposing the toast to our illustrious founders.  This was responded to by one of the Founders, our Club Chairman, Steve Horrocks, before closing remarks from Bill Jay.
The evening was completed by the marking of the quiz, not surprisingly won by Shaun O'Gara, despite Johno's best efforts to prevent this!  The drawing of the raffle, thanks to Becky Holden and Bob Anderson for organising this.  And the auction of various items provided by BWFC, the Lancaster Whites thank the Wanderers for their outstanding generosity again, a signed pennant, squad shirt and gameworn / signed shirts from Chung Yong Lee and Ivan Klasnic.  We were especially grateful for the Wanderers for providing 2 tickets for this year's FA Cup Final for auction.  Congratulations to those winners of the Auctions and Raffle prizes and thank you to all those who participated in them.
As the proceedings wound down, it came as a surprise to many that midnight was already upon us.  A testament to this being another enjoyable Lancaster White's evening.
End of Season / Fan of the Year Barbecue 2009
Another season draws to a close, after the final home game against Hull City, the hardy Lancaster Whites retired to the Fleece at Dolphinholme.  After charging our glasses,the party moved out to the, much appreciated, marquee and the tantalizing smells of the barbecue hut.  Our heartfelt appreciation goes to The Fleece's staff for the welcome and the excellent fare, also to Becky Holden for her role as liaison in organising the event.   
As the number of empty glasses and empty plates grew, so did the volume.  Due not only to the talkative members but also to the, at times, torrential downpours drumming on the canvas above us.  Did someone mention this was mid May?   Eventually Steve called for our attention and thanks were given to various attendees, the club presenting our Bon Chaunce driver Len with a bottle of Whisky for his efforts and kindnesses this season.
Steve then called on Alex Jay, as last years recipient, to present the Fan of the Year trophy.  He informed us of some of the more amusing incidents concerning this years winner (Did he really go to Munich to watch the game in a Hotel Bar?). Alex then presented the shield to Bob Anderson, who responded with a short acceptance speech.
Player of the Year Evening 2009:
As the faithful Lancaster White members assembled for the annual Player of the Year vote, it became evident that the night would be different to those that had gone before.  Andrew Dean (BWFC Promotions Manager), Colin McGreavy (Reebok Stadium Announcer) and the one and only Tony 'Zico' Kelly, now BWFC's Fan Liaison Officer, had dared to make the journey north on a dreary Tuesday evening. 
The evening was soon in full swing.  Tradition maintained as the younger members of the club took control of the vote counting.  George Richmond slipping easily into the role of Chairperson, ably assisted by Matthew and Bethany Holden, whilst the serious business of actually trying to record the votes accurately fell to Becky Holden.
It soon became obvious, by the frequency of Bethany's excited readings of his name, that "Super" Kevin Davies would be the man to beat this year.  Kevin was well in the lead by the half time break and consolidated his lead afterwards, becoming the first player to retain the Player of the Year award, as well as the first to win it three times. Gary Cahill came in second, with Matty Taylor and Jussi Jaaskelainen in joint third, Ricardo Gardner completed the top 5.  
With the voting over, Colin McGreavy said a few words to us concerning his role as the voice of the Reebok before Tony Kelly took centre stage, Tony gave us various insights into his new role with BWFC.  He was, as always, completely entertaining and candid.  Whether his tales were sad, happy or bordering on the mad (ask about the dancing lessons!), he kept us all attentive as he talked about the way BWFC is trying to interact with it's fans. Also, if any one ever wants a signed photo of Tony, we were left in no doubt that all you have to do is ask!
We would like to thank the guests again for their time and willingness to talk to us, also for the generous gifts of signed memorabilia that were auctioned on the night.
The Player of the Year shield will be presented at the home match against Sunderland, assuming the responsible party has got it engraved by then!
(--- He did and it was!)
Formal Dinner 2009:
Another well attended Lancaster Whites function.  The venue was magnificent, the top floor of the new Gateway builiding at the University of Cumbria.  The mood jovial and relaxed, aided by both the Vocals and Piano emanating from the corner of the room, as well as the welcome 3 points just gained against West Ham!
After the opening remarks were received from Steve Horrocks and John Powell, Grace was said by John Holden for the bounty to be received. The food was, again, excellent.  The kitchen performing admirably, even after being interrupted when the fire alarms started to ring and the attendees were politely ushered to their appointed places of safety.
After dinner, the toasts were offered,  Bill Jay proposed the Loyal Toast, in the correct Lancastrian manner.  The round then passed to the Guest of Honour,  Mr Phil Gartside, Chairman of BWFC who had, again, made the effort to be with us in Lancaster.  After a few comments on the state of BWFC, Mr Gartside proposed the toast to the Lancaster Whites.  Bill Jay responded to this on behalf of the club, before the closing remarks and thanks were made by Steve Horrocks.
Congratulations to all those who won prizes in the Raffle and thanks to those who bid most admirably in the Auctions.  Thank you especially to Mr Gartside for his donation of a trip to see an England International at Wembley, with hospitality, transport and premium seating, which was auctioned on the night.