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Bolton Wanderers Lifeline incorporating BWSA Lancaster Whites
Membership in to the Bolton Wanderers Lifeline costs just £2 per week – with 50% of that payment going directly to the BWSA Lancaster Supporters Club.  The Lifeline is a weekly draw and gives members the chance to scoop a £2000 cash prize, with a Rollover jackpot available of up to £7,500 all for just a £2 stake!
As we have been supporters of Bolton Wanderers Football Club for many years, we seized the opportunity to join with the Lottery department and not only do we help to support one of the Club’s lotteries giving our members the chance to win great cash prizes but we can also raise funds for the BWSA members to fund running costs etc.   
For your £2 per week you will be given a Lifeline reference number and 4 lottery numbers which will be entered into the Lifeline Draw each week for the chance to win £2000 or one of our ten consolation prizes of £50 (consolation prizes are paid to the ten numbers either side of the winning reference)
In addition, you will be allocated a set of 4 numbers which will be entered into the Lifeline Rollover draw every week, a weekly prize of £300 is rolled over until won, up to a maximum of £7,500.
For more information on how you can join, contact Stephen Horrocks on 07534 100606 or email
Results are published on this site on a weekly basis or for full results
Bolton Wanderers Lifeline Weekly Winner

Week 46

£2,000   Lottery Number  21749

                Lifeline Number  2938

                Michael Clarkson, Chew Moor, Bolton.


Rollover Draw  £900

Drawn Numbers  2.  10.  36.  39.

No Winner


Rollover Draw next week will be £1,200


 Lifeline Weekly Draw  

Just £2 gives you the chance to win £2000 weekly on our Lifeline Draw, or you may win 1 of 10 £50 consolation prizes.  Alongside the weekly draw you have the opportunity to win up to £7500 on our Lifeline Rollover Draw.  2 draws for £2!

Benefits include

5% season ticket discount

Free annual party night held at Macron Stadium

Exclusive Ticket offers throughout the season

 To join please contact us direct or telephone 01204 673774.

You've got to be in it to win it! 

If a Lancaster Whites member, or prospective member, please contact Steve Horrocks if you join, or are thinking of joining Lifeline.

BWSA Lancaster Lifeline Members

BWSA Lancaster Club Draw Winners

Number Name
Draw Prize Number Name
1 Bob Anderson
1 80 29 Susan Powell
2 Russell Arboni
1 40 15 Bill Jay
3 Stephen Bird
2 80 16 Carol Jay
4 Alex Ellis
2 40 17 Dave Jenner
5 Gary Ellis
3 80 21 Mark Leimwebber
6 Margaret Floyd
3 40 18 Joe Leake
7 Nigel Hodgson
Eric Whittaker
8 Barbara Holden

Barbara Holden


9 John Holden
Season 2011 / 2012

10 Rebecca Holden
Darren Marchment
11 Kay Hopkins
Club Number
12 Stephen Horrocks

13 Dave Hughes

14 Alex Jay

15 Bill Jay

16 Carol Jay

17 Dave Jenner

18 Joe Leake

19 David Leimwebber (Junior)

20 David Leimwebber (Senior)

21 Mark Leimwebber

22 Darren Marchment

23 Derek Marchment

24 Joanne Marchment

25 Warren Mason

26 Joe Murphy

27 Shaun O'Gara

28 John Powell

29 Susan Powell

30 Alan Selkeld

31 Paul Trew

32 Eric Whittaker

33 Andrew Woof

34 Lancaster Whites 1

35 Lancaster Whites 2

36 Lancaster Whites 3

37 Lancaster Whites 4

38 Lancaster Whites 5